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SCC’s StatScan III Chip Reset Box

3 Aug, 2005

SCC’s StatScan III Chip Reset Box

Static Control has released StatScan III for Printdetect chips L1, L2 and L3 and reengineered multi-brand chips for LT520, LT620, LT630 and LT634 Lexmark printers. The StatScan III reset box identifies chips and reprograms chips to offer full printer functionality.

Static Control’s multi-brand family and L-series Printdetect chips offer more functionality than the OEM. These reengineered replacement chips are for Lexmark as well as their IBM and Dell equivalents. Enhanced features include a maintenance check program and compensation for print degradation at toner low.

With the availability of StatScan III to reprogram Lexmark chips, remanufacturers are fully equipped to take advantage of SCC’s chip line for Lexmark printers. Chips are easily reprogrammed and allow you to reduce chip cost and eliminate chip replacement labor costs.

• Save Money - Remanufacturers save significantly by reprogramming their chips instead of buying new ones

• Create Convenience - Chips can be reset while still on the cartridge

• Consolidate Inventory - Chips can be reprogrammed for other engines, allowing remanufacturers to reduce their cartridge inventory

• Eliminate Chip Inventory Issues

• Eliminate Chip Positioning/Installation Issues

• Maximize Flexibility - Reprogram to original engine or switch instantly to another

Printdetect Chip Combined with Replacement End Cap Delivers Universal Drum Cartridge Unit for HP

Remanufacturers can immediately expand their product lines with a universal aftermarket drum cartridge unit that functions in both the HP1500/2500 and HP2550/2820/2840 printer series. These universal drum cartridges join SCC’s universal CMYK toner cartridges for the same printer series, greatly expanding remanufacturers’ opportunities in the color aftermarket.

With SCC’s universal replacement end cap, remanufacturers can build a single universal drum unit that is compatible with both the HP1500/2500 and the HP2550/2820/2840 series printers. Previously, an end cap design difference prevented the HP1500/2500 drum cartridge unit from physically fitting in the HP2550/2820/2840 unit. Static Control has resolved this incompatibility with the development of a replacement end cap that converts an HP1500/2500 drum cartridge unit into a universal HP1500/2500 and HP2550/2820/2840 unit.

The HP1500/2500 and HP2550/2820/2840 printer series have been HP’s top-selling color laser printers since their introduction in June 2002. Since Static Control's recent release of technologies to support universal toner cartridges for these models, this market has been eclipsing all other color categories.

Worldwide market demand in 2005 for these drum units is estimated at over 500,000 pieces. With gross profit margins of up to 50 percent available, this is one of the hottest new market opportunities of the year for the aftermarket.

Christopher Beckerdite, SCC’s director of product management, stated, “Drum unit conversions offer many of the same benefits as toner cartridge conversion — but at a higher price point and higher margins to remanufacturers. This is an excellent market entry opportunity, as end users will be interested in a price competitive alternative to the OEM.”

According to SCC’s Beckerdite, “SCC’s Printdetect chip is the critical technology element that makes universal drum and cartridge conversion possible.”

SCC’s patent-pending Printdetect chip technology allows the chip to automatically sense the current engine application, supply one of multiple data sets and provide complete and seamless functionality — without the requirement for end-user intervention. This capability allows SCC’s U1 series and U2 series chips (available for both toner cartridge and drum unit) to work in both the HP1500/2500 and the HP2550/2820/2840 printer series — the key to universal capabilities.

With universal toner cartridges and universal drum unit conversions, SCC’s customers can anticipate much faster market entry into a lucrative segment, improved margins and an increase in overall quality as compared to other aftermarket solutions.

“We’re excited about this segment,” Beckerdite continued, “We’re able to put our customers in the exclusive position of distinct advantage against their competitors. We’ve got universal solutions that have built-in market appeal — and only SCC customers will be able to benefit from our advances.”

To learn more about StatScan III visit www.scc-inc.com. For further information contact Static Control in the United States at 800.488.2426 or 919.774.3808.

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