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SCC First to Market with PhotoPrecise Solid Ink for the Xerox

12 Jan, 2006

SCC First to Market with PhotoPrecise Solid Ink for the Xerox

Static Control Components announced its PhotoPrecise color solid ink sticks for use with the Xerox Phaser 8500/8550 color printers. This first-to-market offering from SCC allows customers to supply lower-cost, high-quality color ink sticks for the Xerox Phaser 8500/N, 8500/DN, 8550/DP, 8550/DT, and 8550/DX printer models.

Manufactured in the USA to the company’s exacting requirements, SCC’s PhotoPrecise solid inks are the latest in the company’s extensive line of solid inks, covering all of the Xerox and Tektronics Phaser printers. The PhotoPrecise solid inks are uniquely formulated and shaped so as not to utilize OEM-patented designs. SCC’s warranty provides superior protection for customers with coverage for printers and consumables.

The Xerox Phaser 8500 and 8550 series, designed for the small to medium office, were released June 28, 2005. SCC is first with an aftermarket alternative to high-cost OEM supplies.

SCC’s Improved Odyssey® Doctor Bar for Lexmark® Engines

Static Control Components released a new, improved Odyssey® universal doctor bar for use in more than sixteen Lexmark® engine families and “twins”, providing remanufacturers with a universal component solution that ensures uniform print quality.

Where remanufacturers once needed to stock several different SKUs of doctor bars to rebuild cartridges for these Lexmark engine families, they can now stock just one SCC doctor bar. SCC’s improved doctor bar enables remanufacturers to greatly reduce inventory, simplify production, restore non-Prebate (non-Return) cores, and address the old-style versus new-style core differences.

New Doctor Bar Overcomes Old-Style/New-Style Core Issues

In new-style Lexmark cartridges, the doctor bar has been re-positioned so that the wear occurs in the center of the bar. Therefore, to avoid print defects the OEM doctor bar must be replaced after each cycle with a center-wearing bar. Remanufacturers that attempt to rotate the OEM doctor bar for an additional cycle, as with old-style cores, will encounter print defects. To maintain OEM-like performance, image density, and toner usage levels, SCC recommends replacement of the doctor bar every cycle.

Better Bar Achieves OEM-like Performance

SCC’s new Odyssey® doctor bar for Lexmark engines features a new textured coating on the center working surface essential for delivering precise and uniform flow of toner. SCC designed, manufactured, and tested, the universal doctor bar is qualified for use in the following Lexmark engines: 4019, 4039, 4049 and 4059 (Optra S) series; Optra M, Optra Se and Optra T series; T420, T430, T520/522, T620/622, T630/632/634; E220, E320/322, E321/323, E230/232/330/332. The universal doctor bar, when coupled with the appropriate leaf spring, improves toner usage in the T630, Optra T, and E321 series, and achieves OEM-comparable levels in all other supported engines.

Common problems caused by a worn doctor bar and/or leaf spring include light print, backgrounding, and vertical streaking. If these occur, both the doctor bar and leaf spring must be replaced. Erratic toner usage occurs with improper leaf spring pressure, requiring replacement of the leaf spring.

Dedicated leaf springs have been developed for the 4019, 4039, 4049 and 4059 (Optra S) series; Optra M and Optra Se series. Cross-compatible leaf springs have been developed for the Optra T series; T420, T430, T520/522, T620/622, T630/632/634; E220, E320/322, E321/323, and E230/232/330/332. Doctor bar leaf springs are packaged and sold separately.

The packaging of the Odyssey® universal doctor bar is very similar to that of the old doctor bar except that it comes with a new label, new updated installation instructions, and no springs.

SCC First to Market with Chips for the Xerox® Phaser

Static Control Components announces the first-to-market radio frequency (RF) chip for the remanufacture of the Xerox® Phaser® 4500 and the Epson® LP-6100 series printers and equivalent models, which employ the 36ppm Fuji-Xerox® engine. SCC’s Smartek toner cartridge chip in a circular housing replaces the OEM “killer chip” which must be replaced after each cycle.

Designed and manufactured at SCC’s Sanford, North Carolina facility, the Smartek chip is a critical building block of the Xerox Phaser 4500 and Epson LP-6100 series printer cartridges, including Brother® HL-8050; Epson EPL-N3000; Epson LP-6100, LP-7900, and LP-9100; Fuji-Xerox DocuPrint® 240A, 340A and DocuPrint 205/255/305; Okidata® B6200 and B6300; and TallyGenicom® Intelliprint® 9035.

This release represents a continued expansion of the SCC product offering into non-HP applications. The Xerox Phaser 4500 chip solution from SCC is designed for remanufacturers looking for an opportunity to achieve strong margins and broaden their portfolio or develop a specialized market.

SCC’s Smartek chip offering completes the company’s critical component solution for the remanufacture of the Xerox Phaser 4500, a solution which includes toner, drum, wiper blade, seal, doctor blade, recovery blade, ribbon seal, cartridge pins, and other components.

To learn more visit us online at www.scc-inc.com.

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