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What is Next in the Copier Business? Is it a Good Time for the Business? YES!

27 Aug, 2008

What is Next in the Copier Business? Is it a Good Time for the Business? YES!

Scottsdale, AZ (August 18, 2008) -

Note to the dealers from the CEO of MWA Intelligence:

The first six months of 2008 have continued to provide a great deal of fireworks within the office equipment marketplace. Suffice it to say the challenges in the marketplace are significant and will continue to provide excitement and opportunity for all of us.

It is interesting to note that many of the challenges are consistent throughout the distribution model. More than ever the marketplace shares a common bond in managing a migrating copier/MFP fleet, compressed margins, higher cost of doing business an aging workforce (25 million baby boomers retiring) and not to mention the all important need for finding talented and enthusiastic people.

This year all I need to say is Konica Minolta, Danka, Ricoh, Canon, Toshiba, Samsung, Xerox and Global, other OEMs are continuing to acquire dealers, and we will see many more mergers, and partnerships. There is a whole bunch of other rumors flying around out there for our added entertainment. It sounds like an interesting number of events for us to manage. Truth is the imaging marketplace will continue to migrate to the next generation and the dealers and the OEM branches will develop new products, methods and resources necessary for profitable growth. Easy?! Never …but there is nothing new about this! The other thing that is not new in our business is that we have some of the finest people in the world managing it.

The additional good news is that the “engines” and “annuity” will remain intact (as a model) and actually provide for increased and enhanced opportunities. The better news is that the our industry is quickly moving toward Managed Print Services, Machine Automation, Service Automation, Customer Automation, Fleet Management, Professional Services, Low Cost Job Routing and so on, and we are all moving toward a newer and better business model. High-end MFP engines, production printing, and remote printing are not new but what is new is the end-user clients’ enthusiasm for accepting these new products, solutions and opportunities. And we are seeing that in a stressed economic environment, end-users will be seeking more and more of these types of solutions. Managed Print Services alone is projected to grow at greater than a 35% CAGR for the next eight years!

What is also new and certainly going to further accelerate the marketplace is the launch of A4 products from some of the biggest and best engine providers in the world. They are coming and they will continue to influence the marketplace which over time will create a whole lot of urgency for all elements of the distribution to modify their selling techniques via all of the above in order to sell and service these engines at a profit. This means that the need for automation is an absolute and the software that enhances these engines is imperative for the end-user, the dealer and the OEMs. Therefore, innovative solutions allow for the integration of business processes, management of data security and the need to deliver business-critical information from the engines into the hands of employees when they need it and where they need it. Also let’s keep in mind that all of the OEMs have their own direct branch organizations and they will share in the adoption formula as well. This means that everyone shares the same business needs and requirements for success.

It is safe to say we enjoy a great pride in our industry and what you the “dealer” community have accomplished during the past 30 years or so. I am equally proud of the many software developers, ERP companies, automation developers, OEMs and M2M companies that support our industry and our business. We invest in knowledge and application of this in software form and I respect the rate of difficulty for all of us. It is never easy but always fun and MWAi is pleased to be a part of this dynamic element of our business. Technology is moving faster and faster and it is nothing short of amazing to witness and be part of.

We are honored, appreciative and thankful to work with you – our customers and partners. MWAi is dedicated to providing innovative and effective products and services necessary for embedding or automating the many elements of the exciting world we live in today.

Thank you again for your support and please accept my standing invitation to visit us at our Scottsdale (AZ) facility and meet the MWAi family! It would be our pleasure to welcome you to our home! If not maybe we can say hello at ITEX!

Personal Regards,

Mike Stramaglio

CEO / President of MWA Intelligence

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