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Why Do Some Consumers Say "No Thanks" to Third-Party Ink Jet Cartridges?

6 Dec, 2005

Why Do Some Consumers Say "No Thanks" to Third-Party Ink Jet Cartridges?

Lyra Research's new report, “Third-Party Ink Jet Cartridges: Challenges and Prospects in a Growth Market,” provides unprecedented research and data on the highly competitive third-party ink jet cartridge market (www.lyra.com).

This report focuses on the thousands of third-party ink jet cartridge vendors worldwide that are facing increasing challenges to their profitability. Continually refining their ink formulations to keep up with the OEMs, circumventing new cartridge electronics, sourcing empty cartridges, battling for consumer mind share, and worrying about patent infringement are just a few of those challenges, and aftermarket cartridge makers now face a new source of competition as numerous retail refill shops open worldwide.

This report includes Lyra's latest primary research, which reveals that U.S. consumers' top reason for not purchasing an aftermarket cartridge is that they do not trust these products (see figure). This issue has plagued third-party supplies vendors since the first remanufactured cartridges were produced. Consumers also commonly cite their concerns about print quality as a reason for not purchasing aftermarket cartridges. Vendors of aftermarket cartridges need to address these issues in order to increase their market share.

"The aftermarket ink jet cartridge market is experiencing exciting growth right now, but brand awareness remains very low among consumers. It's hard to stand out from the crowd with all the intense competition among cartridge makers," says Elisabeth Wightman, research analyst for Lyra's Hard Copy Supplies Advisory Service. "Strengthening brand visibility is the first step toward building the trust-gaining dynamic third-party vendors need to increase consumer mind share. Aftermarket ink jet vendors are now also faced with the brick-and-mortar shopping experience consumers have at rapidly expanding retail refill franchises, not to mention the fact that these retailers are siphoning away a key ingredient for the aftermarket—empty cartridges."

OEM Cartridge Users' Reasons for not Buying an Aftermarket Cartridge

I don't trust aftermarket ink jet cartridges: 23%

I want only the best print quality: 21%

I cannot find an aftermarket print cartridge that is compatible: 12%

The difference in price is not enough to make me switch: 10%

I am worried about damaging my printer: 8%

My preferred store does not carry aftermarket cartridges: 7%

Selecting an aftermarket cartridge is too confusing: 6%

Other: 7%

Don't Know: 6%

Ordering the Report

Third-Party Ink Jet Cartridges: Challenges and Prospects in a Growth Market (89 pages, 7 chapters, 55 figures) is the most comprehensive report that Lyra has published to date on the third-party ink cartridge market. This report is available for purchase and immediate download at www.lyra.com. Access primary research results from Lyra's latest survey of ink jet cartridge users, as well as the results of a study of ink jet cartridge manufacturers in China. Also included is Lyra's forecast for third-party ink jet cartridge shipments and revenue through 2009. This report will help cartridge vendors understand the customer's perspective, give them insight into the future of retail refill shops, and help them with product planning using Lyra's forecast data. This report is a must-read for any company involved in the ink jet cartridge business.

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