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Your Document Manager is Snoozing in the Corner

14 Sep, 2004

Your Document Manager is Snoozing in the Corner

“Wake up – you’ve been promoted…”

Your relationship with your trusty document provider – your copier - has become a bit predictable. First it was the copies, then it was the prints. How may it be more productive?

You’ve heard fabled tales of ‘the paperless office.’ But you’re skeptical. All those copies, printed pages, brimming file folders in clumsy, cumbersome cabinets and boxes – how can it be that the one page you need to see can be within your peepers promptly via your PC?

Today your digital copier can be your document manager.

Much has transpired over the last several years in the realm of copier technology and software that enables paper-to-electronic document transformation. Scanning features have been added to enhance these unit’s value, creating means of document management previously the work of high-speed, stand-alone production scanners. With this, document capture software has headed the call, with low-cost, easy-to-use programs designed for electronic document conversion and convenient search & retrieval capability from desktop and laptop PC’s.

“The ease of electronic document management today is amazing,” states Tim Nissen, Marketing Director of DocuLex (www.doculex.com), a Florida-based, privately-held software company specializing in document management programs. “Now it’s administrative staff easily operating our scanning and search & retrieval programs with their copiers, PC’s and in-house storage to manage their company’s must-keep documents, instead of dedicated IT professionals having to include this activity in their growing roster of responsibilities.”

So true. Virtually all digital copier manufactures today offer models known as multifunctional products (or MFP’s), units operating as copiers, printers and scanners. The trend toward multifunctionals began in the late 1990’s, as copier brands searched for ways to differentiate their products from competitor’s offerings. As with seemingly everything in the technical products realm, copier creators each developed their proprietary versions of multifunctionals matching findings from their user-focused research.

With hardware advancements came software to suit. This tandem created the first truly affordable, local document management ability benefiting both large companies departmentally and small businesses universally: MFP’s powered by software enabling the electronic conversion of paper, along with search & retrieval ability and a simple PC connection.

“People now have the capability to manage their documents securely, easily and inexpensively from their office,” says DocuLex’s Nissen. “The product selection criteria is based on volume of documents they wish to securely store electronically, those inside and outside their company needing information access, and budget allocated for this capacity. The budget is offset substantially by reducing the growing costs associated with large-volume paper file storage, staff time for information retrieval duties and researching and recreating lost paper documents.”

A few telling statistics:

Coopers & Lybrand note that offices:

·        Make 19 copies of a document

·        Spend $20 on labor for filing each paper document

·        Spend $120 searching for every miss-filed paper document

·        Lose 1 out of 20 paper documents

·        Spend $250 on document recreation.

According to Ernst & Young, electronic document management can:

·        Triple document processing capacity

·        Reduce staff time/resources by 50%

·        Provide immediate access to decision-critical data

·        Reduce document storage space by 80%

·        Provide fail-safe, secure document management.

“Electronic document management systems provide document archival with convenient access of documents, information security, along with cost reducing on- and off-site storage,” comments Nissen. “DocuLex’s capture programs are simple to operate and provide paper-to-electronic document conversion, utilize full-text & zonal OCR of image + text PDF electronic documents with content-level, on-demand search & retrieval of documents.

“DocuLex capture and search programs are currently being used by business in all categories. The commonality is that all have must-keep documentation and benefit from timely access, access by company staff, clients, investors, vendors, etc. and storage cost reduction.”

The key components: One or many Digital Copiers connected to your network.  Reliable Capture and Indexing Software that operates from a PC connected to the network, plus electronic document storage capacity with access to the network.  This coupled with browser based retrieval software running from a web server, will complete a total document capture, indexing, retrieval and printing solution.

So rise-‘n-shine trusty copier-turned-document manager; awaken your document management capabilities.


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