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Perfect Image Award goes straight to the Source, ProSource

16 Apr, 2007 By: Alicia Ellis imageSource

Perfect Image Award goes straight to the Source, ProSource

What better way to honor the winner of this year's imageSource "Dealer of the
Year" Perfect Image Award, than with the "Rat Pack." While the real Frank
Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. were all successful performers in
their own right, together they brought a combination of talents to the stage
that delivered unprecedented show business success through unforgettable shows
filled with music and laughter. Like today's "Rat Pack," this year's Dealer of
the Year winner, ProSource, brings a blend of talent together in sales, service
and support, to create a total solutions package that redefines the copier
dealership, and proves once again, that teamwork does breed success.

Founded by David Russert and Ted Cook in 1985, as the Cincinnati Copiers,
current president and second-generation owner,Ben Russert, who joined the
management team in 1988 and took over ownership of the company in 2003, has seen
the company move from Cincinnati Copiers through Pro-Copy Technologies, and to
develop into ProSource, one of the fastest growing companies in the
Cincinnati/Dayton area. Serving more than 33 counties from two locations in
their tri-state marketplace,ProSource has more than 150 employees,including 50
sales representatives and 50 members for the service department. Russert’s
ability to think outside the box embraces new opportunities. He offers
exceptional service and promotes growth with inventive and insightful ideas for
both employees and customers, having allowed ProSource to grow by more than 87
percent since 2001, with more than 13 percent internal growth in 2006 alone,
with an additional 15 percent expected this year.

“The scanning capability of the MFP has opened the door for ProSource to
follow up with document management, archiving software installations and
document tracking software,” said Russert. “These packages are bundled to
increase the sales volume to our client base. Our product offering ranges from
small MFP’s to professional production print devices.” ProSource is one of the
top ten largest independent Konica Minolta Dealers in the United States. In
2005, ProSource added the Kyocera line to offer a wider variety of products for
customers. In addition, they also carry the full line of Muratec products as
well as Captaris, Objectif Lune, and Prism software solutions.

What’s in a Name? Plenty!

After 14 years with the name Pro-Copy Technologies, making the switch to
ProSource in 2005 was one of the most difficult but necessary challenges faced
by Russert. “Many of our clients did not realize the depth of our document
service offerings,” he said. “When our sales staff would refer to us as Pro-Copy
we were immediately categorized as a simple copier company. The name Pro-Copy
had served us well for many years but it no longer defined our company or the
new products we market.”

In order to combat the challenge and to explain the full depth of the
document solutions carried, Pro-Copy had to completely re-brand itself, from the
bottom up.  “We had to change everything from our letterhead, collaterals,
website, and signage, to the way we approach our clients,” Russert continued.
“Re-branding was a major step, but through the process, we have been able to
reposition ourselves in the market, better define our commitment to our
customers through our TotalPro Experience commitment, and have evolved from a
product focus to become THE total source for all of our customers’ document
technology needs.”

The TotalPro Experience

To differentiate itself from the competition, ProSource chose to focus its
energies on its commitment to the customer; developing the TotalPro Experience.
With an easy to understand concept that focuses on six key steps, the TotalPro
Experience outlines ProSource’s commitment to quality, service, and improving a
customer’s business.

1. Understand Your Business - ProSource conducts a comprehensive evaluation
of a customer’s organization and examines how their business processes affect
their document needs. ProSource reports their findings, identifies target areas
for progress, and provides options on how to make those improvements.

2. Focus on Your Total Solution - ProSource will create an optimal solution
tailored to a client’s specific document needs to make their organization more
efficient, productive, and competitive. ProSource draws from their complete
product offerings, including production printing, imaging supplies, and
consulting services.   ProSource utilizes technology including software such as SalesChain, OMD, ADS, and Alchemy, and the web with capabilities to enter meter
reads, order supplies, request service, and provide WebEx support.

3. Customized Support Program - Because every client’s document solution
needs are unique, ProSource has developed a customized maintenance plan just for
each specific business so that clients can choose a maintenance plan that is
right for them.

4. TotalPro Guarantee - ProSource guarantees 100 percent customer
satisfaction.  If a customer is not totally satisfied with their TotalPro
Experience, ProSource will right the wrong - instantly.  And, if their efforts
fail, they will replace the equipment or refund their service money.

5. Response Team - To ensure continued success, ProSource provides a personal
response team dedicated to meeting a customer’s needs and encourage contact with
team members at any time, for service issues or any routine questions.

6. Regular Follow Up - With regular account reviews, ProSource ensures that
their service and products continue to meet expectations and business goals. 
They contact our customers one week, thirty days, and six months after the
installation of their equipment to ensure that all their needs have been met.

“The foundation of the TotalPro Experience is strong customer service, but
the branded process truly defines our company’s core values and belief system,”
said Russert. “The six step process not only defines how we interact with our
customers and our commitment to delivering the best products and services
available, it defines how we conduct ourselves in all business dealings. This
central belief system we have, combined with our ambitious sales goals and
commitment to excellence in all that we do, has greatly added to our market

A Total Team Approach to Business

ProSource’s approach to business is based on a foundation of teamwork and
goal creation. Beginning with training, ProSource sends all managers to a
consultant who holds regular meetings on the topics of building a quality team.
Several skills are developed within the conferences including recruitment,
management, and motivation.

The first conference addresses recruitment and selection of candidates. Each
position at ProSource has a company success profile and each candidate takes an
interest analysis test. Managers are trained to be skillful in a comprehensive
interviewing system from the initial screening, to a selection interview, and
finally a mutual commitment interview where the company and the new employee
agree on common goals. Another educates managers on how to develop their team to
be productive and successful by fine tuning employee attitudes, skills, and
knowledge within the critical first 100 days of employment. The last conference
focuses on management and motivation to assist managers in encouraging their
team to work together and achieve business goals while fulfilling their own
personal goals.

“This comprehensive program has improved our company’s effectiveness by
helping our managers develop a culture that fosters positive results,” said
Russert. “By developing our managers to their fullest potential they will
produce successful teams who will in turn produce a successful company.” Other
educational programs include extensive manufacturer sponsored training for our
Service Technicians and Professional Services groups which keeps service teams
current on all the latest machines and document solutions. All Service Techs are
required to become certified through the Outward Associates Program, which
consists of seven classes focusing on MFP basics. Each Tech then has the
opportunity to attend two classes a year on new machines. For new sales reps
there is an in-house trainer that gets them get acclimated to the industry and
our culture. As a result of this effort the sales rep is better prepared to
represent ProSource in a professional manner.

Focusing on the Goal…Together

There are three unique features that stand out when it comes to ProSource’s
sales program. Their company-wide approach that sets goals for everyone in the
office; their rewards program that recognizes not only sales but service and
support personnel for their efforts to reach a specific goal; and their
teambuilding, motivational events that bring big excitement and fun to everyone
at ProSource. And, it is this philosophy that garnered ProSource a second
Perfect Image Award for its Outstanding Sales Program.

“ProSource is a tremendously goal driven company,” said Russert. “In order to
achieve our goals, the company vision, expectations, and progress are conveyed
to the entire organization on an ongoing basis through quarterly all-company
meetings, emails, and newsletters."

In addition to company wide goals, departmental goals allow employees to
receive both financial and incentive-based recognition throughout the company
based on their performance. Instead of trying to run a lot of calls, thus doing
the minimum to solve a client’s problem, technicians will do preventative
maintenance to eliminate a future call. “Constant communication enables every
employee to aid in company growth and work toward a common mission.”

Twice a year, in May and October, ProSource plans a company-wide blitz that
goes far beyond setting a goal for salespeople and sending them out to customers
with special pricing and incentives. ProSource’s blitzes are all about
motivating the company, not the client.

“The idea behind our blitzes has been a part of ProSource since the very
beginning when there were only a few employees,” said Russert. “Over the years,
they have developed into a huge themed event designed to motivate our
manufacturers, sales staff and employees to produce major results…and we haven’t
been disappointed.”

This past May, for the 20th year, ProSource charged into a week-long spring
sales blitz that was inspired by Hawaii Five-0. The festivities kicked off with
a company-wide breakfast and opening skit that roasted the major players
(including Russert) and rallied the team for the big week. Various games ensued
including coconut skeeball and a pineapple eating challenge that pitted
employees against one another in the spirit of friendly competition.

Working with manufacturers’ reps who came to ProSource with their pencils
sharpened, charged-up sales reps headed out in pursuit of the sale armed with
special pricing available only during the promotional week. At the end of each
day, the teams gather to recap and award prizes for the winners. The week
concluded with a huge company luau and a baseball game for all to attend. “To
the company, ProSource sales blitzes are a huge win on a host of levels,” said
Russert who reiterated that the costs involved in putting on a blitz were slight
compared to the return on investment. “They are a tremendous boost to company
morale and build camaraderie in all departments, and the financial impact is
nothing short of staggering. Sales representatives have the chance to make more
money during blitz week than any other time of the year. During both blitzes
this past year, the team closed more than $2 million in just one week with over
300 units sold.”

Other past themes have included Family Feud, Happy Days, The Dukes of
Hazzard, a “Big Top” Circus, and most recently, the ever popular, Pirates of the
Caribbean theme.

A Model of Success on All Levels

“Honesty and integrity are core values of our company, and we extend our
commitment to those values to the community in which we live,” said Russert who
is proud to announce that this year, ProSource is embarking upon a larger, more
targeted community involvement partnership with ProKids, in which employees will
have the opportunity to change children’s lives. “This larger active-giving
initiative will officially begin in 2007, and will continue to show ProSource’s
commitment to the Greater Cincinnati area.”

In addition, ProSource holds an annual toy drive to collect toys and games
for a local orphanage and donates to various funds throughout the year: the
American Cancer Society, the Fine Arts Fund, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and
ProKids. In 2006, ProSource entered into a partnership with the Cincinnati
Bengals as their “Official Document Solutions Provider,” and later became the
“Official Document Solutions Provider to the Miami University RedHawks,”
solidifying their partnership with one of the community’s favorite sports teams
for years to come. In addition to non profit involvement, ProSource is an active
member of the Greater Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Northern
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, and the Dayton Chamber of Commerce. Russert, is
currently the President of the Copier Dealers Association (CDA) and is involved
in many other industry related organizations.

ProSource has won numerous awards from its manufacturers and area civic
organizations for their philanthropic ventures and business sense, and recently
was named the Small Business of the Year by the Cincinnati Regional Chamber of

“Being recognized for your efforts is always an honor,” said Russert. “And
being recognized by a panel of industry analysts and peers with the Perfect
Image Award for Dealer of the Year, is especially meaningful for ProSource.”

Chosen as the best in the document solutions field, Russert was presented
with the award at the 2007 ITEXs Show held recently in Las Vegas. Before a
cheering crowd, Marc Spring, president of Imaging Network and producer of ITEX,
congratulated ProSource on the win saying that “ProSource is an outstanding
dealership that has grown and changed over the years to stand out as a true
model of what an imaging technology provider should be.”  That is,
unquestionably, why they were chosen Dealer of the Year.

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