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Parts Now!: Finding New Alternatives to Help Dealers

20 Dec, 2005 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

Parts Now!: Finding New Alternatives to Help Dealers

Many dealers simply don’t see
the benefit of adding printer repair, especially if servicing copiers is working
just fine for them. To Steve Geishirt, director of training for international
printer parts distributor Parts Now!, it’s that kind of thinking that may stop a
dealer from seizing a golden opportunity.

“Parts Now! has helped numerous dealers successfully add printer repair to their
repertoire, giving them a revenue stream they never had before,” Geishert
explained. “And since that makes the dealer more of a one-stop shop, they find
that their customers are more loyal.”

Despite the payoff, the addition of printer repair isn’t without some investment
of time and capital. Parts Now! recognizes that fact, and has assembled a number
of resources to make the transition smoother.

Two Parts Now! publications—Intro to Monochrome Printer Repair and Monochrome
Printer Repair: Beyond the Basics—were introduced to help teach the basics to
technicians new to printer repair, as well as provide tips only a seasoned
technician typically has access to.

ITEX 2005 presented this printer repair opportunity for dealers, with Geishirt
leading two seminars covering the reasons for dealers to add printer repair and
how to do it profitably.

Geishert’s training department has put together model-specific training courses
that give the student the opportunity to take the printer apart and learn how it
works—even where it fails. Geishirt says copier technicians have an easier time
in his courses since they already have a mechanical background.

Today, copier technicians make up about 50 percent of Parts Now!’s students,
most of which have no prior printer repair experience. However, once they learn
the basics of laser theory, many of the skills they use to repair a copier
translates well to the printer repair arena.

All technicians, Geishirt noted, would be wise to sign up for Image Formation
for Monochrome Printers, Parts Now!’s Online Training course that outlines the
basics of how a monochrome printer creates an image on the printed page.

The course, taught in a Webinar format, is available free on the Parts Now!
website (www.partsnow.com), and is a prerequisite to take Parts Now!’s other
Online Training courses, which focus on the most popular HP and Lexmark models.

“We’ve had a real positive response,” Geishirt said of the Online Training
courses rolled out over the past year. “Customers are telling us the material is
great, the price is right, and they love the fact that they can take the course
on the computer in their shop. They don’t need to travel to our training
facility in Wisconsin, or to a regional seminar.”

VP of Sales and Marketing Kevin Guy added, “Our goal is to make sure we have all
the resources in place to get them started if they do decide to pursue this
golden growth opportunity.”

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