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It All Starts with MoM

15 May, 2009 By: BY JULIE ITALIANO imageSource

It All Starts with MoM

According to the calendar, May is the month for Moms, so it’s only fitting that imageSource’s May cover story features its Perfect Image Award “Dealer of the Year” winner - MOM.  The acronym here actually stands for Modern Office Methods, a leading office dealership that’s
headquartered in Cincinnati with offices in Columbus, Dayton and Zanesville, Ohio. MOM provides its clients the industry’s most innovative document solutions, coupled with an exceptionally well trained and professional service team, dedicated to complete total customer
satisfaction. Taking the family theme a step further, MOM has been a family-owned and operated company since 1957, and is now in its second generation of ownership under President and CEO, Kevin McCarthy, son of founder Robert McCarthy, and Senior Vice President, Steve Bandy,
son-in-law of Robert McCarthy.

“Seeing the company that we started more than 50 years ago as a copier sales firm, and more recently transformed to a customer solutions provider, and win an award like Dealer of the Year makes me very proud of the organization we have built, and it is a true testament to our
employees and clients,” stated Kevin McCarthy. “Having received this award a couple of weeks before my father’s 90th birthday is simply the icing on the cake, and we both couldn’t be happier about this achievement.”

No One Takes Care of You like MOM

Anyone can sell equipment. What MOM does to differentiate itself in the market is provide service that not only meets customer expectations but exceeds them, much like the way your mother made sure you had everything you needed even before you knew you needed it. To deliver
on that customer promise, MOM operates with a philosophy built around the principle of Client Vision, seeing the clients’ business and needs through the clients’ eyes. This dedication to service was  recognized at ITEX’09, as the company was also awarded imageSource’s PIA honors
for Outstanding Service Program at the March expo. 

“The two awards go hand in hand,” McCarthy noted.  “Our complete focus on customer service is exactly why we have been able to expand our product offerings, grow sales and become Dealer of the Year.”

The company dedicates a great deal of resources to making sure service technicians in the field and sale representatives who call on clients, not only know their business, but also understand how to relate to and be a valuable resource to clients.

“We hired two full-time service trainers, each with more than 20 years of industry experience, to make sure our team is well trained from the beginning; stays current and is properly supported if problems develop in the field,” said McCarthy, who added what has become the
company mantra, “No one takes care of you like MOM!” 

Along with the two full-time service trainers, MOM also has a full-time sales trainer to head up the “Fast Start” training program for sales representatives. This concentrated approach to training helps ensure that MOM’s sales representatives get up to speed quickly with a
solid understanding of the ever-changing document technology industry. This knowledge equips them to listen to customers, assess their needs, and offer the solutions that best solve their document management issues. 

With the implementation of a new eAutomate back-end operating system, MOM customers will be able to order supplies and service online through a drop-down menu that takes customers directly to the right supplies for their equipment. This convenient new tool for the customer
also will streamline business operations and improve corporate efficiency. 

Since no two customers are alike, MOM offers clients different approaches to doing business.  MOM has an active in-house leasing program that can tailor a leasing agreement to fit a client’s needs. They also customize billing to best meet the client’s need for intervals of
invoicing or itemization.

MOM Always Has an Answer

Along with an emphasis on service, MOM has refocused its business model to become a complete Managed Print Services (“MPS”) provider to businesses. MOM’s MPS program, FleetCare™, is an authorized trademarked brand created by them. This market differentiating system gives
Modern Office Methods additional leverage to not only distinguish itself from the competition, but also to provide a premium level of service. With FleetCare™ and a focus on solutions, MOM is able to steer away from the perception that it is just another copier company, instead
positioning itself as a solutions provider, focused on entire document technology solutions. This distinction gives customers the confidence to allow MOM to review a corporation’s entire fleet of equipment and make recommendations that influence all aspects of document creation,
printing and storage with an eye toward creating efficiencies and improving productivity.

MOM clients, ranging from hospitals to school districts to government agencies, are all benefiting from the company’s approach to document management solutions and the FleetCare™ program. At one local hospital, the MPS program recently produced a 27 percent savings. The
hospital was wrestling with a seven-year-old fleet with constant service issues and a lack of IT staff available to serve its needs. MOM was able to standardize the hospital’s fleet to all HP LaserJets. MOM gave the hospital departments the ability to weigh in on the purchase
decisions and placed the entire fleet under a MPS agreement to reduce costs and IT involvement. 

Another client saving success story came from a school district just outside Cincinnati, which was able to save 16 percent by using MOM’s MPS FleetCare™ program. The district took delivery of 29 HP LaserJets with a proactive management system in place to monitor status. The
solution saved the district $19,000 over the term of the contract. In all, 52 devices in the district were covered under the MPS program, allowing the district’s IT department to focus on other matters while MOM managed the printer service. 

The FleetCare™ program at another school district near Cincinnati will have an 11 percent savings of $39,000 over the term of its contract. The program covers 48 HP devices as well as its copier fleet. To expedite the process of sending out report cards, the district signed up
for five UnityDesktop™ licenses provided by MOM. The school board office also acquired a PW1R Water Filtration System from Modern Office Method’s Pure Water Technology Division. This client is proof that no matter what your needs, MOM has the answers.

Why Visiting MOM’s House Seals the Deal for Clients

MOM has a state-of-the-art corporate workplace and showroom. When clients visit the company’s offices, they achieve a 90 percent close rate. With results like that, it’s no wonder that during the sales cycle all clients are invited for a tour of their offices. Sales
representatives set up and demonstrate tailored solutions for each client in the corporate copier showrooms, which are broken down into three portals: Solutions, Workgroup, and Production. Clients learn about the FleetCare™ program or DocuClass™ document management software while
in the Solutions Portal. Clients then walk over to the Workgroup Portal to see how the new equipment integrates with the software solutions. 

“Clients have a better sense of how we do business when they visit a MOM office, and from our experience, that’s a very compelling selling point,” McCarthy stated. Potential customers also have the chance to meet department heads and have personal interaction with the people
they will be talking to when they call for supplies or have a question about their contract.

“We like our clients to meet as many employees as possible so that they always feel they have multiple points of contact if they need a question answered,” McCarthy added. “Our employees have a great sense of pride in where they work.” 

The MOM corporate culture was recognized in 2008 by the local business weekly paper, the Cincinnati Business Courier, and was named a finalist for Best Places to Work in Cincinnati.

MOM Teams Up with Mother Nature

At MOM, employees are working hard to become a totally green document solutions provider, beginning with their own environment, and feel they are the first and only dealer in the market to make that their pledge. The company practices what it preaches by taking steps in each
of the offices to reduce MOM’s carbon footprint. Currently, MOM has a cardboard recycling program at the corporate distribution center that saves more than 75,000 pounds of cardboard annually from ending up in local landfills.  MOM also recycles more than 200,000 pounds of scrap
metal and plastics annually. At MOM’s January meeting, all employees were given MOM water bottles in an effort to eliminate disposable plastic water bottle waste. The MOM water bottles are Bisphenol-A (“BPA”) free, and their Pure Water Technology division also offers a pure
oxygenated drinking water system that provides a healthier alternative to the typical five-gallon water jugs that may contain BPA.

MOM also spreads the word to its customers, sharing tips to make a more environmentally friendly workplace. The plan is laid out in a program called Green Print. The concept was inspired by the idea of an architect’s blueprint for change. Green Print is MOM’s focus on best
practices, including using energy saving equipment, environmentally friendly supplies, and FleetCare™ to produce solutions that often result in lower cost of operation in addition to demonstrating care for the environment. Green Print involves a variety of other solutions, such
as toner bottle recycling, for a more environmentally friendly workplace.

 “Clients more and more are inquiring about green initiatives, and MOM recognizes the importance of demonstrating to our clients, the green solutions in printing and document management,” stated Steve Bandy, Senior Vice President. “In some cases, our ability to address
environmental benefits has been critical to making the sale.”

MOM plans to launch a new Web site in May, and it will have a homepage link to the Green Print initiatives so that everyone who visits will know that MOM is a leader in total green document solutions.

MOM Always Gets the Last Word

At a time when businesses everywhere are tightening their belts and watching their bottom lines, MOM is working to educate prospective clients that an investment in total document solutions will reduce costs and contribute to an overall healthier bottom line. The way things
were done 20 years ago is not the way they’re done today. So unlike your mom who may reminisce about walking five miles to school in 30 degree temperatures, this MOM would argue that you need to carpool to school in a hybrid car, and then map out the quickest route with the least
amount of traffic to get you there. This MOM is all about finding the best technology available to increase efficiencies.

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