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Looking Inside the New EFI

20 Sep, 2002 By: Alicia Ellis imageSource

Looking Inside the New EFI

take printing seriously, from commercial to mobile printing,” said Guy
Gecht, CEO of Electronics for Imaging (EFI). Over the past few years, EFI
has taken the industry by storm by continuing to roll out ever more
powerful print controllers through its Fiery® Splash® and EDOX® brands
while breaking into uncharted territory by creating a number of new
initiatives and divisions designed to aggressively pursue the areas of
device intelligence, data management, workflow and document management.

EFI, we love printing,” said EFI CEO Gecht. “We have a great
investment in professional printing, commercial printing and the
print-for-pay industries and are very committed to this market. While we
plan to continue growing the core business, we’ll bring more solutions
to both the office and the mobile printing market to make business more
competitive and mobile workers more effective.”

by Gecht and President Fred Rosenzweig, EFI has focused on creating new
and greater business efficiencies in their production and office printing
products along with a laser-like attention to new business opportunities
and strategic alliances that will allow EFI’s influence to be felt all
the way to the end-user.

Down The New EFI

Leading one of those new business efforts is a newcomer to EFI, but not
the industry, Mike Stramaglio who joins EFI’s newly created Advanced
Enterprise Systems Group. The group’s charter is to embrace new and more
complex network solutions combined with consultative services that will
incorporate hardware, software and the critical contribution from document
and workflow management.

an opportunity perspective we have both feet firmly planted on new
‘Solutions’ territory,” said Stramaglio. “The end user
‘client’ is seeking enabled methods for managing their assets,
improving their business efficiencies, creating new workflow and document
solutions and, of course, creating this in a cost effective, highly secure

Match Made In Printing

In July, EFI entered into an agreement with Axeda, a pioneer in the
growing Device Relationship Management (DRM) market, to develop new
products for the Office and Print Production Systems Marketplace. Axeda
helps businesses become more competitive by using the Internet to extract
real time information hidden in their intelligent devices. The company’s
flagship product, the Axeda Device Relationship Management System, is a
distributed software solution that lets businesses remotely monitor,
manage and service equipment.

plans to incorporate Axeda DRM™ technology in many future print
controllers and other products to significantly enhance customers’
ability to remotely track usage, replenish consumables and proactively
service their digital copiers, printers and multifunction devices,
providing a powerful, new productivity and cost management tool. EFI will
help Axeda bring complete remote monitoring and management solutions to
manufacturers, dealers and large users of printing equipment. Axeda saw
EFI as a perfect partner as they have established strong relationships
with the majority of the world’s largest printing OEMs, distributors and
service providers.

leverages the Internet to allow timely, accurate, and unbiased information
to be communicated automatically between intelligent devices, wherever
they are deployed around the world, and service personnel or enterprise
business systems. DRM helps turn reactive businesses into proactive
businesses providing new sources of revenue, increased operational
efficiency and lower costs with a ROI that is often measured in months,
not years.

Allows Printing To Any Device Anywhere

Guy Gecht keynoted the ITEX 2002 show where he discussed EFI’s
breakthrough mobile printing solution called PrintMe Networks™. PrintMe
is the first comprehensive Internet printing solution that allows people
to print to any printer on the PrintMe network from any wireless device
without any cables, drivers or complex set up. Mobile professionals can
print and fax documents from their personal computers, PDAs, two-way
pagers, and even cell phones by simply “dialing” into any printer on
the expanding PrintMe network or to most fax machines in major countries
worldwide. EFI has gathered over 20 high profile partners, including many
of the printing industry’s leading companies like Canon, IBM, IKON,
Minolta, Toshiba and Xerox along with companies in the mobile and
print-for-pay arenas. Just recently, Toshiba announced the availability of
the first embedded PrintMe product.

use the service, people need only open a free PrintMe account at
www.printme.com. PrintMe is now available at select Sir Speedy printing
centers and Marriott Hotels across the country with accelerating expansion
throughout the year. Coming soon, PrintMe will be a standard feature of
all Adobe Acrobat readers. Adobe and EFI have a long history of working
together to innovate in the printing business,” said George Cacioppo,
Vice President of the Internet Printing business unit, at Adobe. “Our
collaboration on PrintMe reinforces Adobe’s network publishing vision.

believes that mobile devices are leading one of the most significant
changes we are seeing in business today. “People do more and more work with
their wireless devices be it cell phones, PDAs, or other handheld devices.
Companies are spending a great deal of effort to enable their employees to
remain connected. What’s missing is the ability to print and PrintMe
solves that problem,” said Gecht. We believe PrintMe will become the
worldwide standard in mobile printing.”

print controllers and color servers will continue to be a main focus, EFI
has clearly reached out to the industry with an expanding array of
products and alliances including the introduction of PrintMe Networks™,
Velocity™ workflow software, eBeam™ electronic whiteboards and a
growing suite of new workflow and high end graphic arts solutions. Despite
the tough economy, EFI sees brighter days and great opportunities ahead,
and is aggressively positioning their company for success with a strong
portfolio of products.


Part of EFI’s new
strategy included hiring a new Senior Director of Sales and General
Manager. Mike Stramaglio, a 26-year industry veteran, will lead
EFI’s efforts on Device Relationship Management (DRM) as well as other
initiatives. Following is a brief interview with Mike on his new

IS: What will be
your responsibilities at EFI and how will they affect the company?

MS: EFI has created
the Advanced Enterprise Systems Division to explore and seize
opportunities in the larger enterprise arena. My role as Senior Director
of Sales and General Manager is to assist Michael Chai, who is the Vice
President of this new Division, to create the marketing, sales
and support tools capable of supporting this new and high growth

IS: How will the
industry view the changes at EFI.

MS: I am optimistic
that the marketplace will view these changes as a reflection of EFI’s
strategy to continue to develop its core business while fully optimizing
its ability to deliver value to Enterprise customers and channels with
PrintMe, Velocity, E-Beam and other software and mobile solutions. 

The printing business
as we know it is going to embrace new and more complex network solutions
combined with consultative services that will incorporate hardware,
software and the critical contribution from Document and Workflow
management. EFI is clearly taking a leadership role in bringing about
these industry innovations by leveraging their deep technological
expertise and by seizing exciting new opportunities like our alliance
with Axeda. 

IS: Where do
you see DRM as the biggest benefit to the dealer?

MS: In today’s
world, there is no reason why technology cannot enable printing devices to
become smarter so that the customer, the reseller, the dealer and the
manufacturer can all get better information on which to base their
businesses. DRM offers very clear return on investment for all
participants in the channel. Did you know that nearly 30% of the clicks
made today are missed by the dealer due to lost or inaccurate meter
readings? Capturing that data alone should be enough to interest them. And
that’s just the beginning of what we envision DRM can do for the
industry. I’m very excited about the opportunities ahead at EFI and am
ready to dig in and make them happen.

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