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Faster Business Processes with 9 Big Advantages of Cloud Distributed Capture

6 Feb, 2013 By: Paul Szemplinski, CAPSYS Technologies, LLC. imageSource

A Cloud-based distributed capture system is all about lubricating business processes for faster processing, access and decision-making.

Digitizing the documents that trigger a business process allows those documents to enter a workflow, making them accessible to all participants. Easier accessibility aids faster processing, speeding up responses to customers (good for them) and faster recognition of revenue (good for you).

Here are 9 ways the Cloud speeds and frees up your business:

  • Reduced costs: You eliminate a cost center for your organization. There are far less hardware, software and overall IT expenses with the Cloud. In addition, you only pay for what you use. Users also save on shipping costs of sending documents to a centralized location.
  • No capital expenditures: The decision making on specifying, buying and installing expensive hardware is removed. There is no hardware or software to buy.
  • Scalability: Need more capacity? Storage needs can be increased seamlessly rather than having to go out and purchase programs or hardware.
  • Automatic Software Updates: Eliminates IT and paying for future software updates, patches and hot-fixes.
  • Disaster Backup: Company data is secured off-site. Power loss due to natural disasters, or human error, won’t keep users from getting back to work as long as there is access to an Internet connection.
  • Remote Access: Anyone can access and update information wherever they are.
  • Ease of Implementation: Set-up will take no more than a day, plus several days for training. The tedious and time-consuming process to search for solutions, meet with vendors, hold system demos, obtain quotes, make a selection, complete the procurement process, then install, configure, test, train, rollout and support an on premise document capture system can be a thing of the past.
  • Response Time: Cloud computing accomplishes a better response time in most cases than standard server and hardware.
  • Evens the Playing Field: Cloud-based distributed capture allows small companies to compete more effectively with larger businesses. Smaller businesses can utilize the same tools deployed at Fortune 100 companies.

Why Capture is So Critical to ECM

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can be done in the Cloud, but, likely not through the traditional ECM vendors. Document capture is key to ensuring all of the ECM components work together; yet it is often mistakenly not the focus of an ECM software purchase. Yet it is of infinite importance because it is the “on-ramp” to any ECM system, interfacing with many points in the content management process – from data inputs through Workflow processes, integration with your line of business system (such as ERP or operations systems) through storage in your Content Repository. Traditional ECM software vendors rarely – if at all – address efficient & effective document capture without the help of 3rd-party capture applications.

  • You need a well-defined business process; AND;
  • A software application capable of handling the document capture process

Distributed, Web-Based Capture

Distributed capture (versus a central or hybrid model) is the superior method in our 20 years’ experience consulting with hundreds of companies across the country. The choices for distributed capture, however, remain limited. Why? Offering capture in a distributed model isn’t a welcome shift for traditional software makers as it impacts licensing revenue models. Per-click counts, seat & server licenses add up.

Understanding the many hidden costs of central capture systems makes the case for distributed, web-based capture, since it allows users to shift the costs outward to the point of origin – and possibly entirely outside of the organization (in a Cloud model). Document capture in the Cloud is now in a prime position today to serve both SMBs and large firms.

About the Author: Paul Szemplinski

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